Who we are

Tarnovskaya Natalia – founder of the bureau.She studied architecture in Odessa academy of civil engineering and graduated in Architecture in 2005. Since 2003 she has worked as an architect at Research and Production Center. After 10 years practice she decided to set up her own bureau, gaining years of experience in architecture and interior design through successful commissions for private clients.

Anastasia studied Architecture at the University of Technology. Since graduating in 2008 she has worked on various projects both residential and commercial, within a practice, and also independently, gaining a wealth of experience.

Stanislav joined in October 2014, after graduating in 2008 with a masters diploma in Architecture. Prior to joining bureau, Stanislav worked on various residential and commercial projects in Kiev, gaining 6 years experience.

How we do it

After the first meeting with our clients and discussing details we begin working with the project. It’s the best if we are involved in a project from the earliest stage. Our work with clients results in both – ergonomic and architectural benefits. In the process of creating the idea, taking into account the wishes of the client, we present our first ideas, wish will form the basis of the project.Working with our clients we transform our idea into sketches, renderings and drawings. When the design idea has been agreed, we will start working on comprehensive drawing, which is needed by the constructor. An essential part of our role is to work compactly with the interior subcontractors during the repair process.If our client asks (and we positively want to be), we will take care of designing and providing all the necessary furniture, décor and textile for the filling of complete design service and perfect result.


On our opinion, the most important is to understand the client. We need to feel in what atmosphere exactly that person and his family will live, love, maybe work comfortably. We believe that the perfect home is the one in which there is a feeling of peace, tranquility and joy. Welcoming and at the same time comfortable to be alone. It must be with special items as well as reflect the personality and lifestyle of the owner. While the modern world dictates fashion and imposes imaginary values, we create a natural space for those who appreciate the present.